General Terms & Conditions

The company issuing the Tickets (SEETICKETS) does not assume in any case the obligations and responsibilities of the Organization.


The sale of tickets is understood to be made at our registered office and the purchase of the ticket through this portal implies acceptance of the general conditions.


You are contracting with the developer BARCELONA EVENTS MUSICALS S. L. (hereafter, CRUÏLLA BARCELONA) NIF B65505257domiciled in C / Pujades, 77 2n 7a. 08005 Barcelona The management platform for ticket sales is SEETICKETS.


To enter the enclosure you must show your entry that will be scanned for verification. You must identify yourself with an ID card if the organization requests it.

1. The Organization does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased at official points of sale. Resale of the ticket is not allowed. The Festival Organization assumes no responsibility in case of loss or theft of the ticket.

The ticket holder is responsible for copying the ticket.

2. The Organiser will deny the bearer access to the venues if any of the following circumstances occur:

(a) The entry is incomplete, amended, broken or with indications of falsification.

(b) The bearer manifests an attitude of violence or public incitement to hatred, violence or discrimination on the grounds of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other social or personal condition or circumstance, and in particular the bearer who behaves aggressively or causes a disturbance abroad or at the entrance, carrying weapons or objects which may be used as such; and

(c) The carrier has symptoms of drunkenness or of using or having consumed drugs or narcotic substances.

The exercise of the right of admission shall in no case entail the denial of access to the bearer on grounds of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other personal or social circumstance or condition.

Upon entering the premises, the public may be subject to search in accordance with the law. Objects that may be considered dangerous by the Organization or prohibited by current regulations are not allowed in. It is also forbidden to bring any kind of drinks into the premises.

3. The Organiser may refuse access or expel the bearer of the ticket from the venues in case of non-compliance with the instructions of the Organization's personnel, as well as in the event that it can reasonably be presumed that a situation of risk or danger is to be created for the bearer himself or for other assistants or for states of apparent or potential intoxication, the bearer being personally liable in all cases for his or her own actions and omissions causing injury to third parties or damage to property.

4. Possession of the ticket does not entitle the holder or third parties to use the ticket or its contents for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including contests, gifts and/or sweepstakes) associated with the ticket holder or third parties.

Failure to comply with this point will oblige the advertiser and/or unauthorized user to pay a penalty established by law without prejudice to subsequent claims for general damages.

These activities will be tracked on the Internet in order to establish liability.


Once the ticket has been purchased, it will only be exchanged or refunded if the event is cancelled.

In case of cancellation, the purchaser may request a refund within thirty days from the date of the public communication of the cancellation, in the manner specified by the Organiser by e-mail. Suspension of more than half of the scheduled concerts will be considered cancellation. The Organization reserves the right to alter or modify the program.

Tickets will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the festival due to bad weather conditions, natural disasters, closure of the Spanish airspace or other causes of force majeure not attributable to the Organizer.


Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.

If the companion of the child is the parent or legal guardian must present ID card and family book or legal document that proves the relationship with the child.

In case the companion is neither the parent nor the legal guardian, he/she must present an authorization signed by the parent or legal guardian, along with a photocopy of the ID card of the parent or legal guardian and family book.

In both cases, the person responsible for the minor must sign a document of exoneration of responsibility on the part of the Festival, which will be provided at the entrance of the venue or which can be downloaded from the festival website.

During his stay in the enclosure, the companion will be responsible for any action that the minor performs.

At all times both the companion and the minor must carry their ID card or passport in case it is required by the staff of the organization to prove their identity. In the case of foreigners, they must provide the appropriate documents from their country of origin.

The Organization reports that current legislation expressly prohibits the sale of alcohol and tobacco to persons under the age of 18. Minors up to and including 15 years of age will be identified with a bracelet. The child must wear this bracelet and his or her ID card at all times.

The organisation will provide earplugs or earplugs or headphones to reduce the effects of the sound volume if requested by accompanying minors.


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The holder of the ticket acknowledges that it may appear in images taken within the venues by different means for later dissemination of information or promotional, and authorizes such use, which will be the responsibility of each media.

In the case of images collected by BARCELONA EVENTS MUSICALS S. L. we inform you that this data will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy already defined.

All image and intellectual property rights are reserved. Any filming, recording or reproduction inside the premises is prohibited unless expressly authorized by the Organization.

These actions may involve criminal or civil action for damages.


The promoter of the event or, if applicable, the manager of the public space VIDEO WILL SURVE the whole site.

In this sense, it is hereby informed that any recorded video image may be used as evidence of illicit conduct or any damage that could be proven, both to persons and property.

The data will be automatically provided to judicial or police authorities.

The image is subject to the privacy policy already defined.


If you provide details of a companion you are obliged to inform and obtain consent for the processing of their data, which are subject to our privacy policy that appears on the registration form.


In case of doubt or consultation, information is available on the festival website. Interested parties can request claim forms by e-mail, which will also be available at the festival venue and our registered office.


When you purchase, you are doing so through an external payment platform that is not our responsibility and is foreign to our company.

We are not responsible for the purchase charges made by such platforms, in case of return of the ticket.


The user accepts that the applicable legislation is Spanish.

The hiring language is according to the chosen language.

This document accepting the conditions is stored in our computer system. You have one-month access to our data and can print it out and save it to your computer system.

CRUÏLLA BARCELONA can cancel or modify any of the above conditions, in which case it will inform the attending public by e-mail, so you should consult it periodically. It shall also report through such channels as it deems appropriate.