Ticket Terms & Conditions

The access and stay in the Festival site implies the unconditional acceptance of these access conditions:

1. The festival venue can only be accessed with the corresponding ticket. The entrance must be complete and in good condition. Any amended, broken or falsified entry shall authorise the Organiser to deprive its bearer of access to the venues.

2. The Organization does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased at official points of sale. Resale of the ticket is not allowed. The festival organization assumes no responsibility in case of loss or theft of the ticket.

3. The entrance gives the right to enter and leave the enclosure from the moment that the organization indicates it. To be able to leave the enclosure you must present the corresponding entry and authorize the security team to include an exit stamp and/or bracelet on a visible part of your hand. To re-enter the enclosure, it will be necessary to re-present the entrance along with the seal and/or bracelet that the security equipment places on you.

4. The entry of any type of beverage, packaging or object considered dangerous or harmful by the organization is not allowed.

5. The law prohibits the consumption of narcotic substances. It is your responsibility to comply with the law.

6. The sale of alcohol and tobacco to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited, in accordance with current legislation.

7. Animals are not allowed in.

8. The organization does not have wardrobe service.

9. No reflex cameras or video cameras will be allowed into the premises.

10. The person, upon entering the site, may be filmed and photographed by the organization, and these graphic and/or audiovisual supports may be used by the organization for the sole purpose of promoting the festival. In the event that the ticket holder wishes to withdraw his authorization to the festival organisers, he may do so by sending a letter to festival@cruillabarcelona.com or to the following postal address: C/Pujadee, 77 2n 7a 08005 Barcelona.

11. The organization reserves the right of admission.